We ensure that rent and service charge is collected in time and we account for them on monthly basis. The money collected is paid to the client on the date and in the manner as per terms on the landlord agent contract.

Our main duties will be the following:

  • To collect all rent including any arrears and to ensure the tenant pays electricity bills monthly.
  • Monthly inspection of the property and reporting on the same to the landlord
  • Recommending to the landlord any necessary improvement and repairs to the property.
  • Attending to the tenant’s complaints relating to the property and reporting the same to the landlord who shall take action as he deems fit.
  • To ensure that the rental house is re-let promptly whenever it fall vacant.
  • To retain all the rental deposit paid by tenant
  • To refund to the tenant the paid rental deposit less any expenses spent as a result of damages that occurred during the occupancy as noted in the inspection report at the time of departure.
  • Review the rents from time to time in liaison and with the consent of the landlord
    and ensure that the rent payable is within the market level