We offer a variety of services to our clients. We aim to provide reliable services in real estate management by employing & partnering with professionals for all properties we manage.


Rent & Service Charge Collection

We ensure that rents & service charge are collected in time and accounted for on monthly basis. For this, we have a fully fledged & in-house accounts department.

Tenant Selection & Space Allocation

We assess all prospective tenants/buyers and select only the most suitable ones to avoid rental/payments defaults and minimize litigations.

Property Maintenance

We supervise all general maintenance to ensure high standards of maintenance. We negotiate & advise on the best terms for the necessary maintenance works.

Lease Negotiation

Lease negotiations are tedious, and even small mistakes can be expensive. We help you negotiate for the best deals & do your due diligence to save you time and money.

Payment of Property Outgoings

On behalf of our client (landlord) and with their approval, we disburse the rent/service charge proceeds and pay the outgoings when they fall due;

Assessment of Rent & Service Charge.

We conduct market surveys and advice our clients on rental prices. We also assess the required services & determine service charges to cover the costs.